My areas of expertise

  • Nutritional counseling (anorexia, bulimia, and other eating disorders)

Eating Disorders

  • Eat intuitively, follow your body’s cues

  • Become a healthier eater

  • Balance your diet

Make Peace with Food

Cardiovascular health

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)

  • High cholesterol

  • Heart disease prevention

Celiac Disease

  • Identify gluten in foods and gluten free foods

  • Read food labels

  • Avoid cross-contamination in the kitchen

Vegetarian diets

  • Work with adults to ensure all dietary requirements are met when cutting out significant protein sources as well as other important nutrients

Family Challenges

  • Be sure your picky eaters are eating enough

  • Better organise the kitchen

  • Prepare and organise food for the week for families large and small

Weight Management