Continuing Education

Conferences and Congresses

Science is constantly changing

As a dietitian it is vital to keep up to date with evolving nutritional information. Meeting other people in the field is also necessary to learn about new methods of practice and different strategies of care. Below is a list of the most recent conferences I have attended.

September 2019 - ECED (European Council on Eating Disorders) A Transdisciplinary Approach to Understanding and Care

September 2019 - FFAB (Fédération Française Anorexie Boumimie) Early Factors of vulnerability to eating disorders: environment, genes and other risk factors

July 2019 - OPDQ (Ordre professionel des diététistes du Québéc) Diètes émergentes: des données probantes à la pratique

June 2019 - NEDIC (National Eating Disorders Information Centre) Orthorexia: Healthy Eating Gone Too Far

March 2019 - ALIG (Association Luxembourgeoise des Intolérants au Gluten) Le régime sans gluten

September 2018 - NEDIC (National Eating Disorders Information Centre) Diabulimia

March 2017 - CEDE (Club Européen des Diététiciens de l'Enfance) Les régimes "sans" ou sans risque pour les enfants?