About Kirsten…

Helping make sense of food and nutrition.

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I completed my degree in Dietetics and Human Nutrition at McGill University in Montreal, Canada in 2010 and have been practicing as a dietitian in Belgium ever since. I have been practicing in hospital with families, adolescents and adults.

I believe that a balanced diet can include all foods and food groups and eating should be a positive experience that we enjoy with others.

I feel that there is too much information available today about what foods to eat and what foods to avoid, it’s no wonder people don’t know where to turn to get sound food and nutrition advice.

Instead of prescribing a restrictive list of foods to eat every day, I prefer to work with clients to meet their individual needs, to adjust their own personal eating habits and to take into account their cultural choices. Making significant changes, even if small, can have dramatic and positive impacts on health. And when these changes are realistic and attainable it is easier to make them a part of a new and healthier lifestyle.

I have lived in different countries and have experienced first-hand the challenges faced when trying to adapt to different foods, different languages and different food cultures. I understand how difficult it can be to adapt to new foods and environments.